Senior Executive – Supply Chain & Logistics

Full time
Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

*Inventory Control – Should maintain right stock at right time in Warehouse

* Fill rate – Ensure higher fill rate to have better services to sales

* Wastage – Ensure No wastage in terms of damage & error

*Inventory variance – ensure System Vs physical should Match

* Inventory Ageing – Do FIFO & keep a track of material ageing to liquidate it before expiry

*Warehouse Cost – Optimize Warehousing cost

*Rejected Inventory – Ensure rejected inventory should be sent back on time to supplier

* Logistics Cost – Ensure we do proper routing so that transporter cost will be optimized

* Dispatch Variance – Keep tack of order deliver from WH vs received at Store

* On time delivery – Keep track of vehicle movement & ensure material is delivered on time

* Clear Invoices – Ensure smooth & proper supplies so that receive high number of clear invoices

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